YIN & YANG. Opposite forces. Complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world that give rise to each other as they connect. Canadian pop duo Tiger & Bloom is a fusion of two opposing energies that have come together in their relentless love, passion and obsession for creating music. The stars aligned in 2015 when Tiger Rose (vocals, guitar, drums) and Rikki Bloom (vocals, piano, synth) met while pursuing musical careers in their own right, looking to be revived and rejuvenated in their songwriting. They began their new journey, hungry to create something beyond this universe, expressing themselves musically without limitations.


The chemistry of Tiger & Bloom was undeniable from the moment they began writing. Tiger, an eccentric Rock musician, formerly the vocalist for the band ‘Broken Sons,’ brings energy beyond the sun. Bloom, kind and soft spoken with tremendous success as a YouTube solo artist delivers complexity and grace. The fusion of their spirits combined in perfect balance to create a sound that expresses their individuality with the purpose of rejuvenating, energizing and inspiring all those that hear it.


Their music, which they created as a guiding light for all even in the darkest of times, features powerful vocals, rich harmony arrangements, hard-hitting drums and elements of 80’s electro synth-pop and their "nostalgic anthem pop” is sure to connect with all those that experience it.


Tiger & Bloom draw inspiration from artists including David Bowie, Depeche Mode, INXS, ColdPlay, Fleetwood Mac and U2. The hallmark of Tiger & Blooms’ music is its blended sound. Producer Brian West commented that Tiger & Blooms’ sound is perfect for "blurring the lines between genres."