The saying goes, opposites attract. Some believe it, some don’t. It is with no question that Canadian pop duo Tiger & Bloom pull from two opposite parallels and have come together in their relentless love, passion and obsession for creating music.

Formed in 2015, Tiger Rose (vocals, guitar, drums) and Rikki Bloom (vocals, piano, synth) could not have met at a better time. Both were pursuing musical careers in their own right, but were looking for rejuvenation and inspiration in their songwriting.

After Rose reached out to Bloom with the idea of starting a male/female pop duo, the two opened their minds and embarked on a new journey. Both were hungry to create something new and different that would give them an outlet to fully express themselves musically without limitations.

After the first initial writing session, the chemistry and magic that was Tiger & Bloom was undeniable. Bloom recalls the connection during their first writing session as something she could have never expected or predicted, yet felt oddly perfect. Bloom remembers walking into the first studio sessions and meeting Tiger – a wildly passionate and intense eccentric. “I remember in the very beginning being unsure of who this tattooed stranger was, but being pulled in and captivated by his energy and our musical connection.” Tiger & Bloom are a tale of two unlikely souls coming together in one shared dream.  

The band define their music as edgy-pop, electro rock, dream pop and have described their sound as "nostalgic anthem pop.”

According to Rose, Tiger & Bloom is "the creative musical outlet for both of us as artists to collaborate while remaining true to our own identity, individuality and distinct personal styles without comprise.” “Both of us came together as two individual artists with our own personalities and had no expectations. This band was born purely from a shared passion and love for music and songwriting and has given us both a rejuvenated energy and inspiration to create.”
Their music features powerful vocals, rich harmony arrangements, strong hard-hitting drums and elements of 80’s electro synth-pop.

Tiger & Bloom were inspired by artists including David Bowie, Depeche Mode, INXS, Cold Play, Fleetwood Mac and U2. The hallmark of Tiger & Blooms’ music is its blended sound. Producer Brian West once commented how Tiger & Blooms’ sound was perfect for "blurring the lines between genres."


Hearts On Fire - EP


In early 2015, Tiger & Blooms’ writing began skewing towards a more edgy brand of pop, fused with a wider variety of influences and pop-sensibility and the band needed the right producer to realize this. The duo started sending out demos to various producers and soon attracted the interest from LA based Canadian native, Brian West.

Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Brian West (Nelly Furtado, Maroon 5, SIA, Rachel Platten, Awolnation, K’naan, Bono) was given the band’s original demos and recognized tremendous potential upon hearing them. Believing he had something worthwhile to contribute, West agreed to work with the duo. Soon after, Rose and Bloom joined West and co-producer/engineer and long-time friend and collaborator Kevin Dietz in LA to begin work on a five-track EP.

After the recording of the EP was complete, Tiger & Bloom wanted to collaborate with a mixer who could understand the creative vision and who had a proven track record of mixing top US pop-radio singles. After Rose connected with LA based mixer Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Moby) he instantly connected with the songs, the energy and the Tiger & Bloom vision. He knew he could help shape the songs for radio success. 

Tiger & Bloom is currently working towards the international release of their debut EP Hearts On Fire and supporting cross country tour.